In order to purchase the merchandise in the United Kingdom on your own and to minimize problems with delivery, please use these step by step instructions.

1. Register online at, please provide all the necessary information (full name, address where to deliver your cargo in Ukraine, cell phone number and e-mail). Please write in Ukrainian (country of delivery is Ukraine) or English (EU).

2. After registration, you will see terms and conditions in your account and you will be required to carefully read and agree to them.

3. When purchasing goods at an online store, you must specify the delivery address that is listed in your account under tab My Address :: United Kingdom receiving address and indicate your first and last name (please use English letters) that you used during registration on our site. Be sure to specify PO Box number with your customer ID in the following format: country code UA and customer code without zero's. For example, if you have a customer ID 000099999, in the field PO Box you must specify UA99999. If the store where you are buying the goods does not provide PO BOX field you can input your customer ID in one of the following fields: Unit, Apt., or Suite. In the absence of all of these fields, the customer code should be put right after your name.

4. Once you purchase your merchandise from an online store it will be sent to our warehouse; to the address which was indicated by you, and will be assigned a tracking number that will be e-mailed to you (this trucking number is used by the US local postal services. You have to add this tracking number to your account at under tab "Order Delivery". For each tracking number you must provide the description (what kind of merchandise is it), choose delivery method (by air or ship) and specify the declared value of the goods (according to the price you paid for the goods including shipping). If based on our company rules your merchandise falls into the category of the merchandise that we deliver with a 10% charge - it is necessary that for each tracking number you should attach the electronic version of your invoice (check, order, link to the website where merchandise was bought indicating the ID of the goods, etc.)

5. All merchandise that comes to our warehouse will be automatically packed and shipped in a parcel to the nearest plane or ship. If you want to consolidate multiple packages into one shipment then for each tracking code, you should set the status "prohibit sending". When all of your packages arrive (it can be traced in your account) you must remove the "prohibit sending".

6. Once the goods are packed into a container a parcel number will appear in your account (six digit number). You can use this number to trace the status of your package.

7. A day or two before the arrival of the goods at the central warehouse in Ukraine you will receive an invoice for your shipment (an e-mail from which you will receive an invoice is - be sure to register it so it does not go to spam). In addition, you will also be able to review this invoice in your account. You have to pay for your invoice within 1-2 days (before receipt of your parcel). The delivery of your parcel depends on the timely payments.