The terms of sending international parcels

  Forbidden for sending in parcels: 

  • Shooting-iron, alarm, pneumatic and gas weapon, live ammunitions, cold (including a missile), electroshock devices, spark-gaps and also basic parts of shooting-iron;
  • Drugs and narcotic facilities of any origin, psychotropic matters;
  • Radionuclide matters;
  • Gunpowder, explosion, caustic, flammable and other hazardous substances;
  • Medicine, food additions, vitamins;
  • Animals and plants;
  • Food Stuffs, swizzles, cigarettes;
  • Human remains and organs;
  • Antiquarian Staff;
  • Jeweller wares, precious metals and stone;
  • Works of art and pictures;
  • Any hunting equipment;
  • Money and money documents in any form: payments, bills, vouchers, securities, bonds, coupons, actions, credit cards;
  • Postage stamps;
  • Wares and editions of improper character and maintenance, pornography of any kinds;
  • Radiotelephones.

Objects, forbidden for transportation by the World association of transport:

  • Objects which by their nature could pose a danger to workers who deliver parcels.

Additional restrictions for the air parcel contain:

  • Bengal-lights and fireworks;
  • Gases in any packing, pepper and tear gases are in that number
  • Combustible liquids, perfumes, eau-de-cologne, nail polishes etc.;
  • Any fuel and empty capacities from it;
  • Varnish-paint's wares, any paints and solvents for them;
  • Radio-active materials;
  • Slushing matters;
  • Purifiers of pipes;
  • Matter rich in oxygen;
  • Capacities with aerosols;
  • Bulbs for the submarine swimming;
  • Capacity for propane;
  • Capacity with SO2;
  • Weapon and live ammunitions;
  • Gunpowder;
  • Dry ice;
  • Instrument, which works on fuel;
  • Cigarette-lighter and spares for them;
  • Matches;
  • Accumulators, power blocks, batteries;
  • Matters contain alcohol, perfumery, nail polishes and hair varnishes;
  • Swizzles;
  • Auto-absorbers, other repair parts or some details with lubricating liquids and materials.

Return policy:

  • All sales final.

The payment must be complete 3 days before receiving item.

Customs regulations


  • Without payment of customs fees it is allowed to send objects intended for the personal use and commodities which do not have commercial character and their combined cost does not exceed the sum 150   euros and gross weight 70 pound;
  • Not allowed to send medicines, strong waters and cigarettes.

Countries of the European Union, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia

  • Without payment of customs fees it is allowed to sent not more than two parcels to one recipient by a total worth not more than 45 euro;
  • Maximal weight of parcel is 66 pound.